A Taste of Latin America: Culinary Traditions and Classic Recipes from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico & Venezuela

  • 1999

By: Patricia Cartin

A colorful culinary tour of a region known for its vibrant flavors.

Latin American food is steeped in history and tradition. From Peru's spicy and citrusy ceviche to hearty Colombian beef, pork, and seafood stews to Argentina's silky, sweet Dulce de Leche desserts, cooks of all skill levels are invited to discover what makes this region's cuisine so unique and incomparable.

Organized by country, each section includes information about the historical context and influence for each nation's cuisine as well as details about local customs and ingredients.

Complete with four-color photographs, expertly crafted recipes and additional insight on the background and customs of each country featured, budding chefs and seasoned experts alike will be enticed by this authentic and beautiful, photographed compilation.

Tempting options for main dishes, vegetables, sides, and desserts, everyone can get creative in the kitchen with flavorful recipes for every part of a successful meal.

Errata: Page 26 TIP: Farofa may be prepared as a vegan dish by using coconut oil instead of butter and replacing the bacon and egg with 1/2 cup of diced cashews.

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Patricia Cartin was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica. She began her own thriving business teaching baking and cooking from her home. Patricia is a graduate of the International Culinary Center in New York City and has traveled extensively throughout Latin and Central America. She is the author of Dessert Party (Hourglass Press).

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Cartin’s second cookbook (Dessert Party, 2014) provides over 70 dishes, which sure to be both familiar and not, that home chefs can readily master. Mostly designated as either easy or intermediate in difficulty, the recipes also offer clear instructions, good color photographs, and serving or technique tips, such as the best methods for heating tortillas. One-page introductions for each of the 10 represented countries’ cuisines identify prevelant culinary themes—chocolate and avocado in Mexico; a Germanic influence in Chile; and corn, squash, and potatoes in Costa Rica—and provide important differentiations in beginning to understand gastronomic customs. Old and soon-to-be favorites nestle comfortably: huevos rancheros and crab stew, bollo picante vegetarian (steamed spicy vegetarian cornmeal roll) and alfajores. Home cooks will find a good avenue to segue into acknowledged experts of specific cuisines, like Rick Bayless for Mexican. Metric conversions and yields for common ingredients are included.


A Taste of Latin America by Patricia Cartin is simply a gorgeous book, featuring recipes from all over Latin America. Organized by country, each recipe is accompanied by brilliant color photos. From Peru, to Argentina, to Cuba, Mexico and more, you’ll find recipes you’re sure to savor and that will make your star shine at any dinner party you host.


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