Chickpeas<br><font size=2> Sweet and Savory Recipes from Hummus to Dessert</font>

Sweet and Savory Recipes from Hummus to Dessert

  • 1895

By: Einat Mazor

Chickpeas: the most versatile of legumes!

Nutritious and delicious, chickpeas have become a favorite in homes everywhere. Low in calories and high in vitamins, they've long been a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking, and must-have for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone on a gluten-free diet. But now even meat-eaters are gobbling them up as an appetizer, a side dish, or as an occasional substitute for meat. These 60 easy and creative recipes reveal just how versatile chickpeas can be.

Discover a world of flavors, from an Indian-inspired Cauliflower Pakora and Thai Chicken, to tagine and falafel. Of course there's classic hummus, along with unique variations that include beets, dill, mint, and peas. But that's only the beginning.

Since everyone needs a treat now and then, there are sweets along with the savory dishes—muffins and cakes, energy cookies, protein bars, even incredible chocolate brownies covered with ganache.

An introduction provides all the information you need on storing and cooking with chickpeas, as well as nutritional details, and a little history on the different types. You'll love preparing these wonderful dishes for your family, your friends... and yourself!

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Einat Mazor, author

Chef Einat Mazor is a certified chef at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and culinary consultant for restaurants and food companies where she specializes in gluten- and dairy-free products.

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