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My First Word Search: Fun with Words

  • 495

By: Eden Greenberg / Illustrated by: Anthony Owsley

Puzzles make learning words fun!

Baby animals, sports, birthday parties, candy. Learning is fun with themes like these! Solving simple puzzles can feel like a game to a child, but even as they’re enjoying these searches, they’re building their word recognition and reading skills.

Each small grid has only about eight to ten words to find, so kids won’t become frustrated and lose their concentration, and every page features adorable line drawings that fit the puzzle’s subject. As they go through the collection, young readers will happily find the very first words that they need to know—ones that relate to their everyday life and surroundings: the names for family members, different foods, holidays, common household items, and of course those special things they love, like the circus.

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Eden Greenberg, author

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Anthony Owsley, illustrator

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ISBN: 978-1-62354-007-4

Ages: 5-8
Page count: 64
10 x 8

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