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Smoothies, Smoothies & More Smoothies!

  • 1895

By: Leah Shomron & Hanni Borowski

A mouthwatering collection for kids and grown-ups with an eye on health!

Explore the art of healthy, delicious cooking with this basic, easy-to-follow guide on smoothies that offers drinks for every palate. The fun begins with a blender, ice, and assorted other ingredients—fruits, vegetables, nuts, granola, yogurt, ice cream, or almost any other favorite. Learn how to get the right texture, and maintain the right proportion between solids, liquids, and frozen components to help assure a perfect result.

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Author & Illustrator

Leah Shomron, author

Leah Shomron is a culinary consultant who has dedicated her career to increasing public awareness of healthy cooking choices and techniques. Leah graduated from the Chef's Training at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. She writes articles, leads seminars, and has appeared on television shows, teaching fun and easy ways to integrate healthy cooking into everyday life.

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Hanni Borowski, author

Hanni Borowski is a chef who specializes in creating unique dishes for diverse audiences. She completed an internship in cooking in Tuscany, Italy, and studied nutrition at the International College of Complementary Medicine. Hani creates menus for many restaurants.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Those with a soft spot for smoothies will find this collection of 100 blended drinks an indispensable reference. Grouped into themes, the duo put their blenders to the test, whipping up drinks for all occasions. Though the book leans heavily on bananas and yogurt, those averse to either ingredient will enjoy options like Orange Ginger Delight and Persimmon Protein Punch, which uses tofu and soy milk in lieu of yogurt. Substitutions are suggested, except in one puzzling case; readers may want to consider swapping the recommended brown sugar often employed for white. The veggie selections veer toward savory with the expected (gazpacho) and the challenging (Perfectly Pesto, a "salad in a glass"). Kids with blender skills will be able to whip up simple treats like Lovingly Lemon (a lemon popsicle, chopped pineapple, and pineapple juice) and the Nutty Nut (Nutella, banana ice cream, milk and pecans) with minimal supervision. And those who like their blended drinks with a kick will appreciate the many options, including Whisky-A-Cho-Co, a combination of chocolate ice cream, whisky, chocolate chips, and chili flakes. Packed with as much fruit as information; readers, start your blenders.

Sugar Pop Ribbons

I did not know my kids love smoothies until I made a kale and banana smoothie for my family. Because I was on a strict paleo-diet and my friend Ashley sent me a recipe to make kale and banana smoothie, so I decided to try it out. I quickly learned that even though the recipe only called for 3 ingredients (kale, banana and coconut milk), I really needed to following the recipe because just altering the amount of any one of 3 ingredients would change the taste enough so that my kids would not drink it. However, if made correctly, my kids would drink it happily. From this experience, I learned how important it is to follow the recipes for smoothies exactly as stated. Since I learned that my kids love smoothies and I knew that it was better to follow someone's recipes instead of trying to create my own (and very possibly fail miserably at it), I was excited to check out Smoothies, Smoothies & More Smoothies! In this book, there is a wide variety of smoothie recipes to choose from. They all look so yummy that it's hard not wanting to try all of them at once. So far, I have made more than a dozen different smoothies based on the recipes provided by the book, and all of them have been hits with my family. If you are a smoothie lover, I definitely recommend giving this book a try.



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